Just Imagine

Miffy on the beachFamily Time

Seaside and harbour life. Lots of things to enjoy together as a family. Space to roam, splash about, play and have fun.


A hub of activity in the summer, West Bay is quieter but just as magical in the other seasons, including winter. Wrap up and take a walk down to the Pier to watch the waves crash up and over the breakwater rocks. Go for a bracing walk on a deserted beach. Hear the roar of the waves on the shingle. Take in a deep breath of that fresh seaside air, a deep breath out. After exploring you can return to our warm cottage, pour yourself a glass of something, relax and enjoy the long winter evening in front of the wood burning fire. 

Lobster lunchGreat Food and Drink

Pubs, restaurants including the renowned Riverside, cafes, tea rooms, a fish and chip shop, wooden food huts serving locally produced food and drink. All within a few minutes stroll of the cottage to suit every pocket and every taste. 

Between Eype and SeatownExploring

This website shares the things we like to do and places we return to again and again when we stay in our cottage. Why not stay yourself, explore, and find your own favourite things? 

Feel Free to Ask

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