Simon Calder’s Five Top UK Seaside Resorts

Well-known travel journalist Simon Calder’s five top UK seaside resorts article in Waitrose Weekend this week leads with West Bay. He writes in the introduction that he has “picked five favourite resorts full of character as well as nourishment beyond the beach.”

He starts his write-up of West Bay by mentioning a less than complimentary quote from Trailblazer Guide to the Dorset Coast Path (some people really don’t like the Quay West Development beside the harbour do they?!) but then goes on to extol the “proper fishing harbour, ice-cream shacks and a cliff-fringed corpse-free beach”. In case you were wondering, the corpse reference is a nod to Broadchurch. He also goes on to add that Bridport, West Bay’s “mothership”, demands attention. Read his words on West Bay here (click on photo to make bigger):

Waitrose Weekend 6th July West Bay


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