Welcome To Our Brand New Seagull!

A while ago I tried to draw online a seagull to sit on the lifebuoy “o” in the “West Bay Cottage” logo at the top of the website. It wasn’t as easy as you might think. After quite some effort I was rather proud of my bird. I’d look fondly at him whilst pottering around on the website. There he was, squawking away happily.

But oh, the abuse the poor thing got from friends. “What’s that?” “It looks like a dinosaur.” “A pigeon?” “Why hasn’t it got any wings?” etc. etc. The fact I’d actually traced online a photo of a real West Bay seagull didn’t appease anyone one bit. Even my husband, who knows better than to criticise such things, said he “wasn’t sure about the seagull”. Obviously a seagull only a mother could love.

So, ta-dah, welcome to our brand new seagull. The old squawking one is no more. I showed my husband. “Nice…. I miss the old one”.  So do I, so do I.


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