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West Bay Cottage Update September 2019

It doesn’t feel very long since my last update about the cottage, but I can see it was a while ago, around Easter. What happened to the summer? It was lovely while it lasted but seemed to go way too fast. Anyway, here are some photos of bits and pieces you’ll find new in the cottage since the spring. Bigger additions were a replacement boiler and a new microwave but they make for very dull pictures!

Beach and Barnicott Jar

New Clock

The only cat allowed in the cottage!

Gravel Border

Picnic bench - sit in the garden and feel like you are down the pub!

The first picture is a little Victorian pot, a very small addition to the new kitchen shelf. I got it in an eBay auction as I thought it would be nice to have a little bit of local history in the cottage. ‘Poor Man’s Friend’ was a popular ointment invented by Dr Giles Roberts in the 1790s. He was born in West Bay, then known as Bridport Harbour.

This bedside radio clock has a couple of USB ports at the back. In the summer we stayed somewhere that had an alarm clock with ports and thought it would be useful to have one in West Bay Cottage too. Just bring your phone cable and there’s no scrabbling around for a wall plug socket.

There’s a few Observer’s pocket books peeping out from the back. We have a secondhand bookshop locally and I find it hard to resist the occasional countryside or seaside one for the cottage.

The draught excluder is the only cat welcome in the cottage. It needed a home.

I am very happy that we now have someone coming in to tend and fill some gaps in the little front and back gardens. And even more happy that she loves gravel gardens 🙂

The final photo is our new bench in the back garden. When I visited at the end of July the old outdoor table and chairs were looking worse for wear. Luckily Groves up the road had this one bench left and delivered it the next day. Phew.

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