What You Need

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Photo sizes

You can use http://picmonkey.com to crop your photos to size.  Remember to save with sensible name.

Slider 1024 x 400

Square pictures of cottage 300 x 300

3 things – 640 wide (remember front page words go in page extract)

Cottage 640 x 429

Gallery 640 x 429

Use caption rather than alt name (unless want smaller words underneath too)

Top 10 900 x 600

Small 300 x 200 <- now doing 640 x 429 and selecting medium (300 x 201) display

Guest book 150 x 100?



Here’s a list of what you need in order to customise the template


A logo – This should be around 200 x 100 pixels

It can be wider if you like. Fiverr.com is excellent for having logos made.




1 x meet the owners photo 350 x 350 pixels for the sidebar

As many photos as you like fro the galleries page (suggest no bigger than 900 x 600 each)